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Allied Health Assistants

We have allied health assistants who help our OT's in a variety of ways including developing and implementing home programs with the client's therapist. Engaging in group therapy sessions as well as assisting behind the scenes in admin roles and resource development.

Rae Crocker

Rae is a third-year student studying a Bachelor of Occupational Therapy at the Campbelltown Western Sydney University Campus. Since February 2023, she has assisted the OTs at MPOT with reception and administrative duties while also working as an Allied Health Assistant.  

Rae has always had a strong passion for working with children, and her prior course in a Bachelor of Primary Education has provided her with background expertise in early childhood development. She has also worked with many children in the past as a Swimming instructor. Rae earned an Austswim Certificate in "Teacher of Swimming and Water Safety" during which time she planned, organised, and led swim lessons as well as assisted young swimmers of various skill levels in developing their swimming abilities. Throughout her studies and career path, Rae has learned strategies for promoting children's self-control, gross motor, and fine motor development. She thrives in identifying flexible strategies that are tailored to each child to help them achieve their goals.

Ellen Stucki

Ellen is a fourth-year student studying a Bachelor of Occupational Therapy at Western Sydney University in Campbelltown. Ellen recently joined us at MPOT as an Allied Health Assistant following her six week student placement at the end of 2023.

Ellen's role as a Student Learning Support Officer (SLSO) in a high school setting is where she found her passion working with children and adolescents. This role has assisted her building confidence in understanding emotional regulation and tailored teaching and learning strategies. As an SLSO Ellen has built experience supporting students during work experience, travel training, attending excursions and cultural workshops.

Ellen has also worked in an NDIS facilitated vacation care program, being assigned to children with a wide range of diagnoses.

Ellen has a strong sense of creativity and is excited to use her skills and experiences to find meaningful and adaptive ways for children to reach their goals while maintaining holistic approach.

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