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Macarthur Paediatric Occupational Therapy provides a wide range of individually tailored therapy options. This allows for increased choice and control for our client and their families. 

Clinic Based 

Individual clinic based therapy offers an opportunity for occupational therapists to cater therapy to the individual needs of client. With access to a wide rage of materials and resources, the therapist will breakdown skills through meaningful activities and building rapport. 

Parents/carers can be actively engaged in the sessions increasing not only the skills of the client but the family as well. These skills can then be practiced at home or in other aspects of the community. 

Home Visits

Home visits provide access to services where clinic based can not be accessed.

Home visits allow:

  • Occupational therapists to see the home environment

  • Provide therapy using tools and resources found at the home and that match the needs of the family.

  • Functional skills can be assessed and observed in the home environment


School visits encourage observation of skills in their learning environment. It allows for individual 


As a skills are developed in the clinic, home, or school community based therapy allows for skill development in real world locations. 

  • Road safety

  • Learning to ride a bike

  • Travel Training 

  • Shopping 

    • Money management​

Individually Tailored Therapy 

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